About The Marlborough Sounds

The Marlborough Sounds are a labyrinth of bays, coves and campsites. Around one-third of New Zealand’s coastline is in this unique area; your playground of 900 kilometres of foreshore reserve!

The area will surprise and delight you with its wildlife, native forests and history. The Sounds are rich in Maori history, from the many areas of old pa sites to the myths and legends about the creation of this strangely shaped area. Maori occupied this area for thousands of years, appreciating the rich mineral belt and mining it for argillite to make tools and weapons.

Tasman and Cook both sheltered in the Sounds when discovering this beautiful country. Cook introduced new crops to local Maori and also introduced pigs, sheep and goats. Eventually Europeans were to settle in this area for whaling, farming, gold mining and forestry.The birds you’ll see around you, both on the water and at your campsite, are amazing. Sooty shear waters, gannets, shags, terns, tui, wood pigeon (kereru) and the weka.

Dolphins are often seen on trips, sometimes up close and sometimes playing in the distance. In the more remote areas we visit, you may see the common dolphin, the largest of these beautiful and friendly creatures. The adults are big and playful and often provide clients with an unforgettable encounter.The campsites we use on our trips are secluded and away from the madding crowd.

Most of the time your group will be the only ones there and if you are sharing, it will only be with a few people. For seafood lovers, there are fish to catch and mussels and oysters to collect off the rocks (in the Pelorus Sounds only). It’s so clean here – the water is giardia free and you can still take it from the creeks without needing to treat it.

When you visit New Zealand, come and see the Marlborough Sounds – it’s like going back in time.For more information write, call or email us. Coming soon -more articles highlighting the best of Soundswild – Holidays to remember.

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